Being a socially responsible company, giving back to the community has always been a part of our company culture at James Cubitt Developments. This is because we recognize that it is a collective responsibility for everyone to contribute to societal growth.

Hence, as an organization, we are not laid back in this call but have chosen to contribute our quota by grooming the young generation to imbibe ethical and intellectual values that will beneficiary to them and society at large.

Our passion to see these beneficial improvements necessitated the creation of ASCEND COMMUNITY – a CSR initiative that allows us to create the impact we desire. Through this initiative and our different corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, we share our passion and skill with the younger minds while offering services that would better the community.

First, we began with upholding environmental, economic and ethical standards in our business operations then, our CSR activities evolved to include hosted excursions that engage the younger minds, service-learning programmes and hands-on career learning with practical experiences in different field of interests.

With each CSR activity, we help teach children the culture of service and instil in them humanitarian values. At intervals, they also learn about how our profession (real estate development) betters the community.

Through our CSR programs, we hope to spark much interest in real estate development, build a more empathetic and socially conscious younger generation and inevitably, make valuable contributions to society.

Our CSR Activities

Beehive Schools

A Visit to the James Cubitt Developments headquarters to learn about the real estate development process.


The JCD Team and the students planting trees to improve the environment.

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