Top 10 Real Estate Developers in Nigeria

real estate developers in Nigeria

Are you looking to develop a premium and cutting-edge home to live in or a facility to sell or rent? You need real estate developers in Nigeria who know their stuff and have a proven track record of excellent project delivery.

It is very crucial that the real estate developers you engage have a good understanding of the Nigerian real estate market and possess certain good qualities that can prove extremely advantageous. Because if not, your expectations for your real estate development may not be met.

So, here is a list of top real estate developers in Nigeria based on public reviews that can make your real estate dream, desire, and expectations a reality.

  1. James Cubitt Developments

James Cubitt Developments (JCD) is a real estate development company that specializes in providing a full range of property development services to the premium-plus real estate market in Nigeria. It is the development vehicle of the James Cubitt company—a company with over 70 years of remarkable service in the real estate industry.

As one of the leading real estate developers in Nigeria, James Cubitt Developments focuses on providing exceptional solutions to large-scale and often complex real estate transactions, irrespective of the type of real estate development. They help to ensure that consistent and long-term value is derived for all stakeholders throughout the real estate development process—from idea generation to conceptualization through to occupancy and maintenance.

Their valued services have proven to guarantee a lasting positive impact on turnkey development projects over the years.

  1. Sujimoto Construction

Sujimoto Construction is a luxury real estate and construction company that has earned its place on the list. Their real estate construction and services are designed to cater to those who have a refined taste for the finer things in life and value opulence in its truest and rarest form.

  1. Mixta Africa

Mixta Africa is a real estate development arm affiliated with the ARM company. It is focused on sustainable communities in Nigeria and Africa at large. They have laudable projects under their name and have successfully developed a substantial number of projects across eight countries on the continent.

  1. Jide Taiwo & Co.

Jide Taiwo & Co is another top real estate developer in Nigeria that is recognized for their professionalism in the building industry. They have a team of project development and management primed to serve and ease clients’ challenges of construction and project management, especially in a unique environment like Nigeria. They apply in-depth expertise to help clients develop residential, commercial, mixed-use, agricultural, and industrial projects.

  1. Brookstone Property

Brookstone Property is a full-service real estate investment company. They specialize in the entire real estate project lifecycle, beginning with site acquisition, conceptualization, leasing and sales, financing, construction management, delivery, and facilities management. With over 29 years of project development and management experience, they are recognized as a top real estate developer that delivers great development services.

  1. Cadwell Limited

Cadwell Limited is one of the African real estate specialists in Nigeria that holds a strong reputation for providing outstanding developments. They specialize in creating intricate designs that cater to the desire for a luxury lifestyle.

  1. Primrose Development Company

The impact of Primrose Development Company in the Nigerian real estate sector has spanned over 30 years. It is a property development company known for producing high-quality real estate projects.

  1. Seagle Property Development Company

Seagle Property Development Company is a leading property developer in Nigeria that helps its customers realize their real estate dreams through the construction of the most affordable and highest quality residential and commercial developments. Providing sustainable housing is also one of their focus areas when developing a real estate project.

  1. Revolution Plus Property Development Company

Revolution Plus Property Development Company is another real estate developer with experience and expertise in developing luxury and prime properties for sale and for rent. Their total commitment to affordable housing through a multi-channelled service has placed them among the top real estate developers in Nigeria.

  1. Bosmak properties

Bosmak properties is also one of the real estate developers in Nigeria that delivers homes of high quality. They follow a well-structured process and comprehensive project management methods in developing a property. They are a luxury real estate company that was established to provide luxury housing and world-class facility management services.

Additional Real Estate Developers in Nigeria


  1. LAC property development and construction

LAC Construction and Property Development is a real estate development firm founded on the need to provide affordable homes in the country while addressing the country’s housing shortage. Because of this vision, they do not only provide development services, but they also provide soft mortgage schemes on their houses and lands to afford every buyer the opportunity to own properties.

  1. Magamound Investment

Magamound Investment is a development and real estate investment firm that provides real estate investment opportunities with their projects. As real estate developers, they are committed to developing buildings that reduce their environmental impact through good design and best construction practices. They provide clients with high-efficient and energy-saving developments that run at a lower operation cost.

  1. Sandworth Properties

Sandworth Properties is a real estate development company in Nigeria with core competencies in real estate development, project management, facility management, property management, and real estate leasing activities. They have a team of building experts that can help clients develop any building design they can think of.

  1. Cruxstone Development &Investment Limited

With its knowledge of the Nigerian real estate market and neighbourhoods, Cruxstone Development Investment Limited helps its clients develop and acquire cost-effective and high-yield luxury properties and real estate investment opportunities in areas that have substantial upside appreciation potential. They are among the innovative, commercial and residential luxury real estate developers in Nigeria.

  1. Dradrock Real Estate Limited.

Dradrock Real Estate Limited is one of the real estate developers in Nigeria that is dedicated to providing innovation-driven, safe and sustainable estate developments.


  1. Nedcomoaks Limited

As a top real estate developer in Nigeria, Nedcomoaks Limited constantly pushes boundaries while building modern and exquisitely comfortable homes. They are focused on providing affordable homes, creating befitting spaces that the majority of Nigerians can own and call home.

  1. Propertymart Real Estate Investment Limited.

Propertymart Real Estate Investment is one of the real estate developers in Nigeria that offers its clients buildings in well-planned estates with designs that are global in nature for families. They create valuable properties that satisfy the customer’s needs for better living.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a list of real estate developers in Nigeria to choose from, there’s bound to be a struggle on which you should settle for.

So, let’s make it easy. Look for those that offer real estate advisory services along with their development services.

Why? Because it is critical to have a partner with comprehensive knowledge to guide you through the development process and assist you in making informed decisions.

Ready to get started?

Allow James Cubitt Developments (JCD) to be your guide through your real estate development journey.

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