What major is best for real estate development?

What major is best for real estate development

If you are an aspiring real estate developer or are interested in starting your own real estate development company in Nigeria, then you need to know what major is best for real estate development career paths.

There are different majors when it comes to real estate development that can provide you with the relevant knowledge you need to become a real estate developer. You need certain transferrable skills and a solid foundation if you must become outstanding in the field and be successful.

Whether you choose to start with the basics by obtaining a bachelor’s degree or you wish to broaden your knowledge with a master’s degree, it is certain that a degree related to real estate development is extremely beneficial.

Choosing the Right Major

Choosing the best major for you is heavily influenced by your career goals and aspirations. Your choice can be based on these aspirations, or it can also be based on the areas of improvement you know you need to build a successful real estate development business.

If you already own a real estate development company, you would know that the steps to real estate development success revolve around these three: experience and expertise, proper management, and finance. These three are the “tripod” of successful real estate businesses.


Thus, you need to first identify which among these three areas you need improvement in and choose a master’s degree that will help you upgrade. But if you are just starting out as a real estate developer, it is usually much better to begin by acquiring foundational knowledge about the real estate development process.

 Starting with the basics, you can learn first-hand about the modern rules of real estate investing and also the theories of developing a property. With this information, you will be well-equipped to start your career confidently as a real estate developer.

So, do you want to build a prosperous and stable real estate development company or upgrade your limited professional experience as a real estate developer? Let’s inspect which major is best for real estate development career paths.


What Major is Best for Real Estate Development Career Path?

Rarely would you find institutions offering degrees in the course of real estate development. That is why there are other related courses which you can study that would provide relevant knowledge evident in the field of real estate development.

These related majors are:

  1. Business Administration and Management

A degree in Business Administration and Management offers you the opportunity to learn about two critical aspects of the setting up of a real estate development business. On one hand, you will learn about administration, and you will learn about effective management.

The administrative knowledge you will gain would include practical applications of business, such as finance, marketing, economics, and operations, while the management knowledge would comprise several business theories like business communication, basics of accounting, and management theory. With such knowledge, you would be able to efficiently manage the business side of things while developing buildings.


2. Finance and Financial Management

Adequate financing is the backbone of any company, real estate development company or not. Hence, the reason why having a degree in finance and financial management is advantageous.

A degree in Finance & Financial Management will equip you with the knowledge to make logical financial decisions in the real estate development business. You will learn how to devise feasible investment strategies for yourself and prospective investors.

3. Marketing

Do you want your real estate brand to be a trusted and sought-out name in the real estate market? A marketing degree might just be what you need. Marketing is essential for any person or business.

It doesn’t matter what niche of real estate development you want to focus on, you need marketing to be able to understand what makes your target customer tick and how to anticipate their needs. This way, you will be able to develop buildings that satisfy their expected living experience.

4. Hospitality Management

A hospitality management degree provides you with the skills and knowledge to respond to the needs of clients. With this degree, you can gain in-depth knowledge about client-appropriate operations to strengthen and build client and investor relationship management in your real estate development.

This degree can also introduce you to the ideas of comfort, which can be incorporated into your building designs to create remarkable developments that meet people’s needs.

5. International Business

A degree in International Business is essential for you if you have your sights set on expanding your reach as a real estate development company abroad. You will learn the basics of international trade, international marketing tactics, and general rules applicable to facilitating business across-shore.

Equipped with this information, you will be able to make your big move to set up a prosperous annex abroad and also successfully gain international target audiences.

6. Business and Managerial Economics

A degree in Business and Management Economics can also help you take care of the business aspect of your property development company. It is a dynamic degree that will teach you about traditional economics and practical business applications.

7. Entrepreneurial studies

An entrepreneurship degree is a degree that can prepare you for any type of business, especially if you are starting small. It is a useful degree that provides the foundation for starting a business.

8. Construction Management

A degree in construction management can prepare you for the development aspect of your property development business. You will learn the necessary skills in building design and planning, business operations, and material handling.

This useful knowledge about the construction process can help you develop a range of standard developments for different uses.

9. Project Management

Knowledge of project planning elements and principles, project management process and ethics, accounting, and information systems can be useful during the real estate development process. This is why a project management degree is also advantageous.

Wrapping Up

However, whether you enrol in a physical university or online, you should know that earning a degree in any of these above-listed courses is not a waste of time.

It is possible that as your property development business grows, you might need extra hands to take care of several aspects of your business. At that time, it would prove beneficial that you already have an idea of what your expectations are, so there would be no delay in building your successful real estate development business.


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