5 Excellent Features of The Wesley

Ever wonder why some luxury properties have a higher rating than others?

The answer is simple.

These luxury properties have remarkable features. Remarkable features that make the building outstanding. And The Wesley is a sterling example of such luxury properties, one with a higher rating.

If you are like most affluent buyers, you must have been led to believe at some point that luxury properties are the same; it just needs to have a large number of bedrooms and a swimming pool. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Every luxury home has design elements that set it apart from several others. Some have more unique features, while others only have the basic qualities that differentiate a luxury home from a standard home. These are called regular luxury homes.

What are Regular Luxury Homes?

A regular luxury home is a high-end home located in an exclusive area, large in size, constructed and designed with luxurious materials, and has premium amenities. But it has no distinctive feature that makes it stand out. The most attention-grabbing part of a regular luxury home is usually a swimming pool, a gym or maybe both.

But Luxury homes can be more! It can be designed to suit and reflect your lifestyle and provide opportunities for varying rewarding experiences.

The urge for a more upgraded lifestyle has prompted property developers around the world to create better designs that provide opulent comfort. In Nigeria, property developers have also taken luxury property designs to the next level creating impressive and magnificent structures with the latest conveniences and fascinating features.

As a real estate development company, James Cubitt Developments is not left out in this feat; developing structures that reshape the definition of stylish excellence, one of which is The Wesley.

The Wesley: A Premium Property That Challenges the Norm

The Wesley

The Wesley is a premium development comprising several remarkably arranged apartments designed to allow for the contemporary lifestyle. It is a stunning masterpiece situated on the corner of Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos occupying an 8,239sqm land area with the main building sitting on 2,039sqm.

Victoria Island is one of the affluent neighbourhoods in Lagos, Nigeria. It has its streets lined with numerous upscale residential buildings as well as impressive office developments.  This has made it a preferred place for high-end buyers to own property judging by the economic and social advantage the environment offers.

With this residential complex – The Wesley, James Cubitt Developments seeks to express premium living differently, giving a whole new definition to the general perception of what luxury living is, thereby challenging the norm.

Here are five significant features that make The Wesley stand out from a regular luxury property:

Unique Features of the Wesley

  • A Stunning exterior

The Wesley has a stunning exterior that attests to the modern architectural style. It is  structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

  •  Lavishly decorated interior

Complete with state-of-the-art finishes, the beautifully designed interior spaces within The Wesley also incorporates the minimalist palette to offer you that touch of luxury for a modern lifestyle.

  • A Crèche

The Creche in the Wesley is a safe and stimulating area specially designed to accommodate your kids when you need to be away.

  • Social Spaces

The Wesley has a variety of social spaces that provide extensive opportunities for collaborations and recreation of your choosing. The Wesley social spaces comprise:

– A reception area; a place to welcome visitors.

– Lounge; a place to entertain guests.

– Coffee Bar; a place to kick-start your day

– Fruit and Salad Bar; a place with juicy supplements to your meals

– Spa; a place for luxury pamper sessions

– Gym; a place to attain your body goals.

– Roof Terrance; a place to enjoy private moments.

– Swimming pool for a refreshing swim.

  • An Art Gallery

The art gallery is a focal part of The Wesley. It is a cultural space that’s aimed at promoting art and cultural heritage.


In summary, The Wesley is a property that promises an enhanced luxury living experience. It satisfies both living and investment purposes.

Now that you understand that luxury properties should have more remarkable features to offer the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Get in touch with us to own a part of The Wesley.

For more information, please visit: www.thewesley.com.ng

Email: info@jamescubittsdevelopments.com

Tel: 01 715 9995, 01 715 9996


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