Our annual event for 2021 was an upgrade from our previous get-together at Ilashe Private Beach. It was a casual-themed party held at Twin Waters, Rufus and Bee. But this isn’t what made it an outstanding annual event. Our decision to partner with an event management specialist, Alexander Nelson Consulting, to organize the party was what made it spectacular. Bringing their skills to bear, they were fully responsible for our annual event planning, from creating the event concept to selecting the venue, budgeting and handling other logistics.


Considering how much success we had been able to celebrate throughout the year, our annual event this time was a means to an end. We wanted to appreciate our people who have contributed daily to ensure the company is successful. To do this, it was necessary to have an annual event that would provide the best experience for all attendees. So, our plan was this, first, the fun and then acknowledgement.



 Bowling Competition

JCD annual event 2021

Our fun at the annual event began with a bowling competition. We divided ourselves into three teams, and each chose a representative to compete for a grand prize. While the competition progressed, we all had a wonderful time learning about bowling.

Arcade Competition

JCD annual event 2021

Next on the list of fun activities was the arcade competition. The session was so much fun for the game lovers present. You could tell from the excited cheers as each team rooted for their champion. The session was also a learning opportunity for those who don’t know much about arcade games.


Karaoke Competition

JCD annual event 2021

The karaoke competition exposed the hidden singing talents. Yes, we are a real estate development company, but singers to win the competition. We had three teams. Each team representative chose a favourite song to sing and entertained us with their renditions.


Dancing Competition

JCD annual event 2021

We also discovered the dance talent through the dance competition at the annual event. We all had a great time dancing, not just the dance representative from each team. We listened and danced to music from different eras, from the oldies to the contemporary.


Award Presentation

JCD annual event 2021

As planned, after the fun part came acknowledgement. Outstanding employees who have shown a remarkable commitment to their jobs received awards to recognize their effort. And the annual event was brought to a close.



For us at James Cubitt Developments, our end-of-the-year annual event has become a norm because our appreciation and gratitude to our employees are constant. Our people are our assets. We express this each year through an event to acknowledge their efforts in service delivery to satisfy our clients.

Because of our people asset, quality service for you is guaranteed! Do you require any of our services? Get in touch with us!

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