Iconic Buildings: 4 Remarkable Ways They Contribute to Our Urban Environment

There have been several iconic buildings that have captured the attention of the world with their remarkable structure. And ever since the appearance of the early skyscrapers, the following creation usually exceeds the previous.

But size is not the only feature that makes a building iconic.

What are Iconic Buildings?

Iconic buildings are modern fascinations found in prime destinations of the world. From the physical design to the function they serve, these buildings are legacies with a striking impression. They come in various models, sizes, grandeur and architectural styles.

Iconic buildings have historical or cultural values attesting to the history of a people or nation. But several others get acknowledgement because of their architectural excellence.

The Wesley, The Afropolitan and The Rise are new introductions to this list in the built environment of Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is one of the major destinations in Africa and Nigeria’s largest city. It is also the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa.

Though these buildings are a source of tourism, they offer more than the regular tourist attractions. They are contributions to our urban environment.

Remarkable Ways Iconic Buildings Contribute Our Urban Environment

  • City branding

Iconic buildings are part of the elements in place designed to brand a city, reflecting and communicating a unique identity that resonates in the mind of citizens, visitors, investors and companies.

A distinctive city brand is one of the most valuable assets of a city. Hence, several cities strive to accomplish it using various methods, starting with building these structures.

Think about any city that has become a delight today. It was all thanks to city branding that helped create a resonating impression and stirred up a great affection in the heart of the people.

  • Social Venue

These buildings are sometimes used for social functions- to hold grand events and exhibitions. However, not every iconic building are used as such.

There must be an ideal space that suits the intended event in the building, or the building would have been designed to meet that purpose.

For example, an iconic building may have an art gallery, a hall/banquet room or a mini-museum built as part of the building itself. In this case, the building has the ideal space for the event but was not built for the purpose.

A magnificent museum, on the other hand, is intentionally designed for historical exhibitions

  •  International awareness and recognition

These impressive structures attract tourists and investors into the city. Their visits and investment, growth in economic activities, infrastructure development and an improved brand image eventually nudge the world to take cognizance of who they are.

  •  Improved global status

Whatever country you may find these iconic buildings, the international recognition they bring automatically translates to an improved status. Next, these countries become inspirations for other countries.


How Iconic Buildings Improves our Urban Environment.

As part of the physical environment, iconic buildings shape the city image they occupy. They also affect the living condition of inhabitants and the social and economic performance of the city.

Primarily, Iconic buildings have contributed to re-imaging urban planning in every major destination of the world.

The development of these impressive structures has improved the quality of life in these cities. This is because it comes with several urban attributes such as an effective transportation system, recreational opportunities and ease of access to basic things.

In summary, the presence of these buildings in a city brings better opportunities, creating its competitive advantage.

James Cubitt Developments seeks to set new standards for premium living with such impressive developments while contributing its quota to the Nigerian urban environment.

Our real estate projects are a fusion of culture and luxury with an architectural charm that impresses the mind. Through this, we showcase the cultural richness of our country, project the emergent African contemporary, and delineates our narratives as Africans.

The Wesley, The Afropolitan and The Rise are recent creations of James Cubitt Developments that can be called iconic -masterpieces with exclusive features that reflect the concept of culture, class and comfort.

Iconic buildings are not just stylish tourist attractions, but they can also serve as investment properties for high returns.

Do you want to be a part of developing these monumental structures?

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