7 Luxury Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

Are you considering buying a luxury residence for yourself?

We have selected a list of luxury real estate companies you can partner with to get the type of home you desire. Whether your preference is a high-rise condominium, a gated mansion, a lavish apartment or a custom home, you will get the advice and recommendations you need to make the right choice.

Here are the top 7 luxury real estate companies with an excellent reputation and remarkable services you can choose from.


7 Luxury Real Estate Companies in Nigeria


  1.     James Cubitt Developments (JCD)

James Cubitt Developments (JCD) is the real estate development vehicle of the James Cubitt Brand – a real estate brand with over a six-year plus pedigree of outstanding services. JCD is one of the luxury real estate companies that delivers a full range of property development services to the premium-plus real estate market in Nigeria.

They provide exceptional solutions to large-scale and often complex real estate transactions while ensuring that consistent and long-term value is derived for all stakeholders. As one of the reputable luxury real estate development companies in Nigeria, they have strategic partnerships locally and internationally that are instrumental to the value they offer.

However, their competitive advantage is the end-to-end solutions they provide. From the planning phase through to building, occupancy, and maintenance, their valued services guarantee a lasting positive impact on turnkey development projects.

  1.     Sujimoto

Sujimoto is one of the luxury real estate companies in Nigeria that goes the extra mile to satisfy the needs of their customers.

They are a luxury and construction company that is dedicated to redefining the luxury real estate industry with transformative experiences through intricately designed architecture. Their services cater to those who have a refined taste for the finer things in life and value opulence in its truest and rarest form.

  1.     Fine and Country International (W.A)

Fine and Country International (W.A) is an international real estate network reputed locally and worldwide for its solid market research, property investment advisory service, and a professional approach to corporate sales and leasing of premium commercial and luxurious residential properties.

They are one of the luxury real estate companies known for their outstanding services.

  1.     Dirab Realtors

Dirab Realtors is a luxury real estate company that specializes in property brokerage. They manage and sell high-end apartments on Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and the Lekki Peninsula. Dirab Realtors is a luxury real estate company focused on the sales, purchases, and leasing of commercial and residential properties.


  1.     Cadwell Limited

Cadwell Limited is one of the luxury real estate companies that we have built a strong reputation consistently over many years for providing some of the best real estates in Nigeria.

They are a leading independent real estate company in Nigeria, focused on property development, marketing and management of real estate products and services.


  1.     Lekki Luxury Homes 

“Lekki Luxury Homes makes the list of luxury real companies in Nigeria. It is a real estate company focused on offering marketing, Sales of luxury properties in Lekki. 

Their Mission as a real estate company is to provide an outstanding Level of Service and Expertise in the Real Estate market. They are innovative and ambitious works with confidence and professionalism They provide luxury homes to those in Nigeria and Diaspora.


  1.       CW Real Estate

CW Real Estate (CWRE) is a leading real estate marketing & brokerage firm that was founded on a dream to do real estate different and better. As one of the luxury real estate companies, they are recognized for their distinct style of fusing global standards and experience with local expertise, they help people find their dream homes. Their services also extend to assist people and invest.


What Do You Want in Your Luxury Home?


Identify the conveniences you want featuring in your luxury home and work with it. Using this approach, you’ll be able to find one with distinct qualities you love.


James Cubitt Developments (JCD) is a reliable partner that is committed to assisting clients to create quality luxury developments.

Whether your definition of luxury is privacy with a sweeping city view, an architecturally significant home or a smart home with a high-tech gadget, JCD guarantees a high-quality build.

You can trust us! Let’s help you make your dream home a reality.

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