Who are Real Estate Investment Advisors?

A real estate investment advisor is a professional who gives helpful advice to real estate investors to simplify the whole business of real estate investing.

Are you a property investor or starting out to be one?

Learning about real estate investment advisors will open your mind so much to the benefits you can gain from their services, starting with how you can improve the real estate investing experience you‘ve had so far.

How do they improve your real estate investing experience, you might want to know?

Here it is! They assist property investors by letting them in on the trade secret of excelling in real estate investing.

Over the years, real estate investment advisors have acquired various names. But the role they play in the real estate sector has remained the same. Sometimes they are called Property Consultants because of the practical approach they recommend to help their clients achieve their desired objectives. At other times, they are Property Strategists because they provide their clients with actionable plans and steps to guide them through a rewarding long term investment.

For simplicity, they are often called Property Advisors, and this is to distinguish their role nominally from other similar professionals like the real estate/ property agents and the financial investment advisors.

But as stated earlier, whatever the name you choose to call them, they just help you accomplish one thing: to make sound property investment decisions.

Thinking about creating a passive income and ongoing cash flow with real estate? The ideal is to check in with a property advisor first. You need all the necessary information you can get to make an informed decision on whether or not you should be buying.

Have you acquired quite some investment properties and you are thinking about expanding your property portfolio? You’ll need the expert insights of a property advisor so you can avoid those long–term investment mistakes.

But here is the big question, what do real estate investment advisors do to simplify real estate investing and point you on the right track.


What Do Real Estate Advisors Do?

We all know that buying a property isn’t an issue when it comes to real estate investing. The issue always is if we can make the right decision to earn us our returns on investment. This is where the property advisors come in. They assist you with the following:

  1. Get the information you need to make an informed decision
  2. Connect you with property teams with proven track records
  3. Choose your real estate investments
  4. Coach you about real estate investing


  • Get the information you need to make an informed decision

Through comprehensive research and careful analysis of market conditions and trends, real estate investment advisors help you get the necessary information you need to key into a particular investment.

Leveraging their wealth of experience in the field, they can tell you about different real estate investments you can take advantage of and suggest to those worth your financial commitment.

  • Connect you with property teams with proven track records

In helping you get the information you require, real estate investment advisors can connect you with relevant property teams you may need to provide other professional services.

Such professionals could be accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, property managers, quantity surveyors and solicitors – those you may need to provide other professional services that are tied to finalizing the process of acquiring any real estate investment.

  • Choose your real estate investments

Real estate investment advisors can help you choose your real estate investments. Say you have some real estate investments you are interested in, and you can’t seem to decide from the lot of them.

A real estate investment advisor can help you streamline this list to a few profitable options that will fulfil your investment goals in the long run.

  • Coach you about real estate investing 

Coaching emphasizes the entirety of the services a property advisor does. A property advisor teaches, trains and prepares you, not in the classroom or military type of way, but with such intensity. And the goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to edge your way to success as you acquire your real estate investments.

The training about real estate investing is not only for property investors who are just starting but also for seasoned real estate investors. A seasoned investor looking to expand and diversify his investment portfolio can also benefit from the recommendations of a real estate investment advisor.

The point is you will always need the services of a real estate investment advisor throughout your investment journey. Are you at the beginning of the journey, the acquisition stage? You’ll need their expertise to choose rightly. Are you in the middle of the journey? You’ll need their direction to point you to various remarkable opportunities to grow your real estate investment. Are you far along in real estate investing? You still need their expert advice on ways to keep the momentum and maximize your income.

No matter the stage you are in the journey, real estate investment advisors first identify your needs, preferences, and financial concerns; they work with this information to proffer workable solutions to meet your investment goals.


Where can you find a qualified real estate investment advisor?

Most real estate development companies have advisory services as part of the services they offer. Since they know the nuances of property development and are experts in the field, it is only fitting for them to offer guidance to real estate investors to profit from several available real estate investments.

For us at James Cubitt Developments (JCD), we bring our experience in real estate deals to bear to satisfy our clients. We assist our clients with asset acquisition and disposal, portfolio evaluation, sourcing financing and commercial transaction structuring. We can also provide market-ready analysis and recommendations to support their real estate aspirations.



Though categorized as a low-risk investment, real estate investments are intrinsically complex. Everything from the acquisition process to managing, obtaining your profits and others in between, you could surely use an expert guide to show you the ropes.

You’ll need a property advisor to teach you the dos and don’ts of buying an investment property, advice you on when and why you need asset management, and even help you understand the key determinants of real estate investment so you can excel in real estate investing.

Finally, the services of a real estate investment advisor are not limited to wealthy real estate investors alone or those with a large property portfolio. Every real estate investor needs the help of a property advisor to find the appropriate investment properties for them.

So let’s assist you in finding yours. We’ll help you identify profitable properties/ ideal real estate investments that will fulfil your desired objectives.


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