5 Memorable Rules When Buying an Investment Property

An investment property is any property you own that is solely for income generation. Generating income through lease or eventual resale. It is the safest option when looking to grow your wealth through long-term asset appreciation.

Why? Investment properties are durable and have no fixed maturity, unlike other investments. In simpler terms, they can be held for decades creating wealth across generations.

An investment property may be residential, commercial or even mixed-use combining the features of both residential and commercial properties.

However, it is not enough to buy just any property and expect to gain high returns. You must carefully select one if you want a rewarding investment.

James Cubitt Developments has a property portfolio you can choose from, a collection of investment real estate with attractive financial benefits across different markets and locations.

But the question now is, how to know which investment property to buy?


How to Identify a Profitable Investment Property?

Investment properties are like jewels. They have to be sought for and purchased intentionally. Only then can they accomplish the intent of income generation. Here’s a list of features that show an investment property is profitable:

Great Location

A great location is one of the primary selling points of any property. When your property is in a well-positioned area, it gives you an advantage in the market.

You sell faster or lease out quickly.

A property’s location goes a long way to increase its capital growth and brings a high investment return.


A profitable investment property should possess distinct qualities. Distinct qualities that would make it stand out among other properties in the vicinity.

But you should ensure the property is not so distinctive that it reduces your pool of potential buyers. If a property is too unique or over-the-top, it could take longer to sell.

Proximity to Amenities

A property in a convenient location, close to the local amenities is always in a hot sale in the real estate market.

Easy access to amenities such as bus stations, schools, restaurants and recreation arenas offers a comfortable living experience. Hence, the reason such properties hold a great appeal to potential buyers.

Aside from the comfortable living experience it provides, a property with proximity to amenities also commands a higher resale price when compared to other properties.

Excellent condition

The condition of any property is indeed a vital aspect you must verify before making a purchase. No matter how big or small the property is, it must be habitable.

It should have a functional floor plan, upgrade facilities and a modern building style. These qualities increase the resale potential of your investment property.

A property with these features makes a worthwhile investment.

As a real estate developer, our intervention makes your search a lot easier. James Cubitt Developments ensures you find the right investment property best for your real estate investing goals.

The Wesley is an example of such an investment property with these features. It satisfies both living and investment purposes.

Understanding the features help you pick an ideal property to buy. But there are rules you should know.

Dos and Don’ts when buying an investment property


– Know your financing options before purchasing an investment property. The cost of investment properties is usually higher when compared to other investments.

– Understand the risks associated with real estate investing. Every venture has its risk. Consider it.

– Hire an expert team to locate your investment property. They know just the right one for you.


– Buy an investment property without having adequate knowledge about it. Research and inspection are crucial parts of the acquisition process.

– Buy an investment property without deciding on a real estate investment approach. Defining your approach helps you plan a profitable strategy to earn your returns on investment.

One More Memorable Rule

The extra rule is to remember not to break these rules. Only with these rules are you assured of profitability as desired. 

Deciding on a Property investment is a tough choice, and you’ll need an expert eye to get it just right. Why not get in touch with us for real estate advisory concerning investment properties.

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